Six Month Smiles

Straight Teeth in just 6 Months?
Most adults who had to wear braces when they were kids can probably remember the taunts – "tin grin" or "metal mouth." It's probably safe to say that nobody enjoyed wearing those ugly metal braces! And not only that the treatment time was usually measured in years, not months, so the torture seemed endless. All that has changed with Six Month Smiles ™. In most cases you can now have beautiful, straight teeth in just a few months instead of years. This is accomplished using a new technique that is sweeping the dental world. The teeth that are visible in your smile are gently moved into the desired position using a new low force method. Another wonderful advantage with Six Month Smiles is that you can hardly see them! Very thin bands that are either clear or tooth colored are all that's needed. And instead of continual visits to the dentist for adjustments – you'll only need to come in a handful of times. Not everyone is a candidate for Six Month Smiles so call today for a complimentary consultation. Say goodbye to "tin grin" and hello to a new smile in just 6 months!

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